The Coleman Family / by Cyd Weeks

Sometimes your photoshoots get canceled, but then sometimes then get canceled then rescheduled within 20 minutes on the day of the shoot an hour before! 

The Coleman's are one of those special families that you just wanna hang out with and eat treats, do pranks and play fun games with! BUT surprise, they're human just like the rest of us! An hour before their shoot I got a text saying they were so sorry that they had to cancel, but because they value forgiveness and grace, the argument that canceled the photoshoot was quickly resolved, and I have to say, I'm so glad, because we got some amazing shots that night! Well I'll let Dawn finish the rest of the story...

This picture that I'm going to treasure for a long time is called, "Don't let the sun go down on your anger." Here's why: You would never know that before this idyllic pic was taken Jake and had a BIG argument... Tears, finger pointing, kitchen sinking, etc. We don't get mad at each other very often but this time we were. We cancelled our photo shoot. Then minutes later we were back on because we can't stay mad at each other and we forgave each other quickly. Forgiveness in marriage is sweet. Forgiveness from Jesus is even sweeter. You can't easily forgive until you have felt the joy of being forgiven. Marriage abounds in opportunities to forgive. I'm so glad our evening ended like this instead of the alternative. Just wanted you to know the imperfect people behind the picture, bc pics don't tell the whole story.

There's so much I love about this photo shoot, but the thing I love the most, is the honesty, the vulnerability, we may have shiny pictures of our families but the truth is, we are real and life can be hard, but forgiveness and grace make it sweet!